Richie’s regularly receives numerous requests from prescribers for compounded topical pain management medications (TPM), especially since many pharmacies have chosen to cease providing TPM due to new USP requirements.  I am pleased to let you know that Richie’s has spent tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that the TPM we compound containing Diclofenac Sodium 1.5%, Lidocaine 2.5%, and Prilocaine 2.5% meets the upcoming USP requirements.  Our pharmacy’s documentation related to potency, appearance, USP-61 Microbial Enumeration Tests, USP-62 Test for Specified Microorganisms, and USP-51 Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing can all be provided to you upon request.  If you are using any other compounding pharmacy, I encourage you to request that they provide you the same type information for any compounded TPM they are dispensing.

Patients who might benefit from TPM include patients:

  • Who are using NSAIDs, nerve depressants, or other oral pain medications and have not achieved the desired clinical outcome for pain relief,
  • Whose prescriber desires to avoid orally administered pain medications, or
  • Who need to avoid opiate-agonist usage if at all possible.

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